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Property Services Department

The Property Services Department (PSD) manages and provides services to CAFN rental and CMHC housing units, with limited service delivery for subsidy houses, on CAFN Settlement Land. The Department also maintains community infrastructure, community buildings, water delivery and road maintenance. In addition, PSD carries out new construction and renovation projects.

PSD strives to provide safe, comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient housing and promotes the development of sustainable community infrastructure to meet CAFN Citizens’ needs while encouraging self-reliance.

To request or report a need for repair in a home or building, please send your work request directly to workorders@cafn.ca.

The CAFN Property Services Department has three branches:


  • Property Management
  • Housing Programs
  • Capital Projects
  • Municipal Services 

Dakwäkwäda Subdivision Expansion - Lot Draw

August 2, 2022
11 new lots in Dakwäkwäda are available for CAFN Citizens to apply!

CAFN’s project to expand our subdivision in Dakwäkwäda is nearly complete!

Citizens who wish to build their own homes within the next 5 years can apply now for one of the ­11 new residential lots.

Click here to read more details!

Property Management

Housing Maintenance & Repair

Over 100 rental units are maintained by our crew of maintenance technicians and managed by a Facility Management System, which enables the Manager to plan, prioritize and keep track of all completed and outstanding work requests.

If you are tenant in a CAFN rental unit and have a work request, use the contact us form at the bottom of the page, or send your work request directly to workorders@cafn.ca.

Community Hall Rental & Maintenance

Champagne Hall is a busy potlatch house that also serves the needs of year-round residents of Champagne.

Takhini Hall serves the meeting and gathering needs of the Takhini River Community.

Klukshu Hall is a seasonal building that can be booked from March to October for your special event or camp.

These buildings require users to book their event and sign a rental agreement form. To rent the Champagne, Takhini or Klukshu Hall, contact us at 634-4200 ext. 221 or propertyservices@cafn.ca.

If you observe a need for repair and maintenance at any of these halls, please direct your work request using the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page or send your work request directly to workorders@cafn.ca.

Housing Programs

This branch manages tenancy in all CAFN rental homes. This includes the management of housing allocation, rental policy development and enforcement, rent collection, house insurance and home ownership on CAFN Settlement Land. This branch also manages the Housing Committee, which serves as an advisory committee for house/tenant allocations and insight into community housing needs.

Capital Projects & Municipal Services

Capital Projects Branch manages the contracting and procurement of services for all Property Services Department projects. This branch is responsible for the development and facilitation of the CAFN Asset Management Plan, Integrated Community Sustainability Plan and 5-10 Year Capital Infrastructure Plan. This branch specializes in professional project management services, public tenders and organization process development.

Municipal Services includes the management and maintenance of water and sewer systems on CAFN Settlement Land. This includes managing a water treatment facility at Takhini River Subdivision, water delivery to CAFN residences in Haines Junction, Canyon, Champagne and Takhini. Water tank cleaning service is completed by Municipal Services. Municipal Services maintains roads and ensures snow removal is performed to roads in CAFN residential areas, administration and community buildings.

Community Halls

To book one of the community halls create a calendar event in the calendar of your choice (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) on the date you want it booked and invite one of the following:

Champagne & Aishihik First Nation Historical Photo

Property Services

Champagne & Aishihik First Nation Historical Photo

Bids & Tenders

Champagne & Aishihik First Nation Historical Photo