Dän tän gà dījäl (Citizen Services)

What is the Dän Tän Gà Dījäl Initiative?

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN), through our Dän Tän Gà Dījäl initiative, is leading the way in Indigenous revitalization efforts. We are moving away from the colonial legacy of DIA and INAC and taking steps to integrate Dän K’e (Our Way) into our self-government

The Dän Tän Gà Dījäl initiative is about establishing a holistic and comprehensive approach to the delivery of CAFN programs and services for Citizens. Dän Tän Gà Dījäl means “We all walk along the Dän K’e trail” in our traditional SouthernTutchone language.

The government of Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN) was born out of our 1993 Self-Government Agreement with Canada and Yukon. As we grew as a young government, CAFN adopted structures, policies and processes from both the federal and Yukon governments.

Today, with the hindsight and maturity that has come with running a government for 25 years, CAFN leadership and Citizens realize these approaches are not resulting in the self-reliance intended by our Self-Government Agreement or the quality of life we want for our people. CAFN no longer wants to run our government by delivering Indian Act programs under the CAFN umbrella.

We are looking back to our ancestors and to our Elders for guidance on how to move forward, with strength and humility, to design and operate our government our way – in a way that builds on Dän K’e in every area and everything that we do.

We are taking a phased approach over the next three years. While we want to move forward with purpose, we also want to ensure we do this right. We need to be both efficient and effective. We are once again paving the way for our people .

Please watch for regular updates in our Dàkwäni newsletter at https://cafn.ca/news/.

Dän K’e – Our Way of knowing, doing and being – is our path forward, restoring our ancestors’ vision for the future.

CAFN strives to shift away from the Indian Act and colonialism as it works to reconcile the past, heal the community, and move forward towards self-reliance.

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