Scan With Santana

I’m Santana and I live in Canada. As a military wife and mother of 4 optimal health for everyone in the house is a must. My passion for optimal balance has led me to my own holistic practice, which focuses on holistic development in the body, mind, and spirit aspects of life. I find it incredibly fun, rewarding, and fulfilling. I love making a difference and empowering others!

Throughout my life, I have always had an interest in natural remedies and other alternative therapies. I have always been drawn to helping others and exploring various aspects of health and wellness. I am grateful to have come across NES Health!

Now, as a NES Health Practitioner, as well as a certified Unity Field Healing Practitioner and nutrition coach, I enjoy working with clients who want to create positive transformation in their lives, whether it involves their health, career, relationships, finances, communication, or other goals. When we feel good and have good energy, making a transformation in areas of our lives becomes easier.

NES Health offers a system that restores health at three levels: information, physiology, and energy. Science is increasingly discovering the importance of the energy field that surrounds the human body and how it affects it. This system reads the body’s energy, then through biofeedback, communicates with, and stimulates changes in the body’s energy based upon removing blockages to help the body with its own healing.

Through a 10-second voice scan of your body field, you’ll discover impactful and helpful information to continually support your health. Through the use of infoceuticals (imprinted water) and miHealth (a small handheld device), you may find you have less chronic pain, more energy, and a better response to your body’s own healing. Since using the NES system and taking the infoceuticals I have experienced the following: Improved IBS symptoms; improved psoriasis on elbows; substantially less hair loss, weight loss – easily gravitating to a healthier lifestyle, building momentum along the way.

I’d love to share this information, including tools, resources, and information with you!

Once you create your complementary client account, click on “Scans”, then click “BWS Voice Scan” to allow access to your microphone, and then just count to 10! That’s it! It’s as simple as that and takes less than 3-minutes to set up and scan. The scan can read your entire body field because your voice contains a holographic “image” of your body field imprinted on the sound waves you make when you speak.

I will be notified once you scan and will reach out to schedule a complimentary 15-minute screen share via Zoom to go over your results/report and see if we’re a match to work together. Please click on the “Self Health” tab and investigate some of the complimentary resources available to you: podcasts or the “Restore your Energy with Bioenergetics” book, a new recipe or exercise, or one of my personal favorites, our imprinted music selection. The process is simple and I’m here to support you with as little or as much assistance as you prefer. I’m looking forward to helping you on your own wellness journey.

If you are ready for a supportive and solid accountability partner to help you, whatever your goal, please contact me. As a reliable business partner, trusted advisor, coach, and trainer I am here for you.