CAUTION: Aishihik Road Work

CAUTION: Aishihik Road Work

Travelers on the Aishihik Lake Road during the month of September should expect to encounter heavy equipment working. The focus of the work will be the replacement of the bridges at 46 mile (km 75) and 62 mile (km 99). There will be road improvements taking place in other sections of the road as well.

Extreme caution is advised. There will be increased traffic and equipment positioned in the road. Dump trucks, semi-trailers, motor graders and other equipment may be encountered unexpectedly. Delays are possible.

There may be a one or two day road closure at the bridge replacement sites. Advance notice will be given when closure times are known.

Questions or concerns may be directed to myself or Craig Hampton at champton@cafn.ca

The caution and patience of the community is greatly appreciated during this important work.

George Van Sickle
Property Services
Champagne & Aishihik First Nations
867-634-4200 extension 226