Our Constitution

Where We’ve Come From


Ours has been a long journey to return to us our right to govern our People and our land. In the 1960s and 1970s our Elders and wise leaders called on the federal government to return our traditional ways. For twenty years we negotiated. In 1993 we reached a final Land Claims Agreement and Self-Government Agreement for our people.

Our Self-government Agreement makes it possible for us to create our supreme law, our Constitution. In July 2000 at the Klukshu Village General Assembly our people voted in favour of our Constitution.

What We Believe

Our Constitution is our most senior law. All other laws of the First Nations flow from this law. No other law of our First Nations can contradict or change the Constitution. Work of our First Nations Council to make new laws must be guided by our Constitution.

Our Constitution sets out our Rights as Champagne and Aishihik First Nations people, who can be a Citizen, and our rights and responsibilities are recognized here. Our Constitution protects us in many ways. It says we are to be treated openly and fairly by our Government.

Our Government is defined by our Constitution. The First Nations Council is found here. The Elders Senate and Youth Council and their powers are also in the Constitution. Our most important Citizens forum, the Champagne and Aishihik General Assembly is also recognized in our Constitution. Its most important role is to make changes to our Constitution so that it reflects the will and interests of all Citizens. Only at General Assembly can changes be made to the Constitution.

Other topics in the Constitution provide for accountability of the First Nations Council, and how to deal with challenges to the laws of the First Nations.


We are able to shape our world and how we relate to each other and our Government. We have
designed our Constitution to reflect our beliefs and interests. It is our responsibility to protect and enhance our Constitution so that it continues to be our supreme law.

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