Takhini Bridge fire (XY-019) remains under control

Takhini Bridge fire (XY-019) remains under control

⚠ ‼️ Notice to Citizens ‼️⚠

Takhini River Subdivision Residents and other CAFN Citizens may have noticed that the Takhini Bridge fire (XY-019) began producing smoke again this weekend.

CAFN staff have been in touch with Yukon’s Wildland Fire and have confirmed that the fire is within the previously burned area and does not currently present any risk. CAFN will continue to monitor any fire activity closely, and keep Citizens informed.

Wildfire bulletin

August 28, 2023 – Takhini Bridge fire (XY-019) remains under control.
PDF: 23-4-15 Takhini Bridge fire XY019

On Sunday, temperatures in Whitehorse broke a heat record for August, with a high of 29.9 C. These hot and dry conditions are generating activity on pre-existing wildfires. Existing fires are being carefully monitored by Wildland Fire Management, but no fires in the territory are currently presenting an immediate threat to people or properties.


The Takhini Bridge fire (XY-019) remains under control. Areas of unburnt fuel in the middle of the burned area are producing some smoke. This is expected – the fire is too large and terrain too complex to be fully extinguished. The edge of the fire, secured earlier this summer by firefighters with water, dozers, helicopters and drone surveys, continues to hold and prevent any spread outside the boundary.


Fire Information Officer, Wildland Fire Management
867-393-7415 or YukonFireInfo@yukon.ca

If you would like to stay current on Yukon wildfire conditions, please visit: https://wildfires.service.yukon.ca/
To report wildfires, call the Fire Line at 1-888-798-3473 (FIRE) as soon as you spot one.
For non-emergency wildfire questions, email YukonFireInfo@yukon.ca or call 867-393-7415.