• KwänlinWhitehorse
  • Takhini River
  • Dä̀kwä̀kä̀daHaines Junction
  • ShadęlChampagne
  • Tthe yänlinCanyon
  • Lu ghäKlukshu

Commanding Officer’s YFN Advisory Committee

COMMANDING OFFICER’S YUKON FIRST NATIONS ADVIORY COMMITTEE (COYFNAC) CAFN is seeking one CITIZEN from Haines Junction to sit as community representative for nomination to the Yukon First Nations Advisory Committee. The mandate of this Committee is to advise the...

Kluane National Park Management Board

KLUANE NATIONAL PARK MANAGEMENT BOARD CAFN is seeking one Citizen to sit as a Board member on the Kluane National Park Management Board.  The Board makes recommendations to the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change on all matters pertaining to the...

Language, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee

Language, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee CAFN is seeking the following representatives to sit on the Language, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee:  Elder, Youth and Language Speaker The Committee makes recommendations for the Department of Language and...

Alsek Renewable Resources Council (ARRC) EXTENDED

ALSEK RENEWABLE RESOURCES COUNCIL (ARRC) EXTENDED CAFN is seeking citizen applications for one Member-at-large and one Alternate to participate on the Alsek Renewable Resource Council.  The ARRC is a voice for local community members in managing our renewable...