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Southern Tutchone Language Requests

CAFN has been a leader in Dákwänje initiatives and have went above and beyond to include Dän kʼè in many aspects of Government.  The Dän kʼè kwänje department continues to receive translation requests that come to dän working with Southern Tutchone (from inside and outside of CAFN Government).

When Translation requests come in, in most cases we must verify with a Dän kʼè first language speaker.  As many of you know, we have a small number of fluent speakers (Born with Dän kʼè as their FIRST language). At other times second language speakers (Dän Nàkwä̀khèl, Khâ sha, Kałkokʼw, etc) are able to translate and this can be done very quickly.  When requests come in that need to be brought to an elder, there is careful thought that goes into the translation.

Therefore; we kindly ask that when a translation is provided, please accept the translation as is.  As time goes on the translations will be used and become common i.e. Dän kʼè, Shäw níthän, Dä̀nnchʼe, Nanųchʼi shį, Dän Nàkwä̀khèl, dùúch’u shį.

As always, please allow a MINIMUM of two weeks for most translation requests.
External requests are $90.00/hr.

Dághą Shäw Níthän for continuing your requests in Dän kʼè.

Please e-mail your requests to:

Luke Campbell

Dän kʼè kwänje ajasadla



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